What Should You Consider When Buying A Hot Tub Jacuzzi

When giving consideration to buying your very own Hot Tub, it is always worth probing beneath the packaging and the glitz of the “wow factor” appearance.

JACUZZIS are also known internationally as Hot Tubs or Spas, depending on the country.

When considering becoming the proud owner of your very own hot tub at home, how does one select the model or brand?

For a truly relaxing, life enhancing purchase, one needs to consider performance, maintenance, durability and hygiene.

Is the quantity of jets in a hot tub really important, or is it a question of quality and how these jets are designed and indeed can they be adjusted or are they just those low budget fixed Jets?

If the jets are adjustable and of the latest engineered design, only then will they produce the enjoyable hydro massage effect that Jacuzzi users become so addicted to.

Most people that use a Hot Tub often report that they require less visits to a therapist.


It is desirable to purchase a design where the adjustable jets provide an invigorating massage to loosen knotted muscles and increase blood and oxygen circulation. This is turn aids healing by bringing nutrients to aching muscles and joints. A feeling of well being.

A superior and enduring product will have the benefit of top quality engineering plus a design combining an effective number of jets with correctly powered motors and pumps.

In truth, a better buy is a spa with PLENTY OF POWER, and adjustable jets.

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY – SECURITY CABLING It is possible with top quality reliable cabling to adapt to an economical electrical supply and still retain this desired potency. Running a high powered spa need not be expensive if expertly installed. The quality of the cable used with hydro products is paramount.


Some budget models imported from the East are manufactured with a high number of non-rotating jets produced merely by punching numerous ‘pin holes’ in the molding. This cost cutting style will be underpowered with too many jets for the pump to cope with, and cannot give a beneficial therapeutic massage effect. The massage effect can often be very painful and not relaxing. Often these hot tubs with lower powered motors have to have a diverter valve fitted. Other parts of the tub need to be turned off to divert efficient power to where the person is actually sitting. Highly unsuitable for a model designed for a number of people to enjoy together.

Dealers exist in the UK who sell cost-cutting spas manufactured in this way. They are sold as ‘unbranded’ models because they are unwilling to put their name to the product. This manner of marketing is entirely acceptable provided they are priced accordingly and the consumer is made aware they are buying a bottom of the range model.



In our experience the manufacturer of the best spas in the world use a patented high grade four layer strengthening process called DURA-BOND TM.

This high density material is re-enforced with a fibrous material that adds considerable additional strength to the jacuzzi shell. The process is completed with a thick layer of polyurethane foam.

This exclusive system combines the luxurious beauty of LUCITE-Xtra TM Arylic (the best and most expensive grade) with an added layer of plastic ABS for strength and integrity.

Lucite-Xtra TM cast acrylic is a SAFE non-porous material that resists stains caused by the build up of lotions and body oils, which can ruin non-acrylic spas. It is also very resistant to bacteria.

This tough material keeps its shine and color despite the use of sanitizing chemicals, high temperatures and exposure to sunlight.

Its durable surface resists chipping, cracking and denting.

Lucite-Xtra TM is easily maintained with a sponge and mild soap. No additional polishing or waxing is needed to keep its lustrous appearance. Any cosmetics, including lipstick, will wipe straight off immediately.


Some manufacturers using LUCITE shells do not necessarily use top grade LUCITE-Xtra TM unless specified.

To manufacture a DEEP spa, high quality molding is imperative. It not used, obvious “stretch marks” appear on the curves and bends which may cause leaks later.

ENDEROL brand and other similar low cost surfaces are actually POROUS and harbor bacteria. They are not resistant to body oils and staining. To check poor quality one can test with lipstick, which is not easy to remove from a porous surface, but instantly wiped away if non-porous.

Because lower quality surfaces are much less resistant to staining, an unappealing un-removable tide mark is evident around some spas once in use.

Watch out for the Spas that say made with US acrylic when they are actually made in the East.


Hopefully this article will safeguard any potential Jacuzzi owners from falling prey to the well practiced presentation of sales personnel , who themselves, may possibly not even use a Hot Tub Jacuzzi, and may not be able to help, once the Jacuzzi has been installed.



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