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Hot Tub 101 - All You Need To Know About Hot Tub

​Hot Tub vs. Home Spa

There are countless companies offering countless types of hot tubs or spas and calling them different things as well. To a person new to this product and just looking for the best relaxation option, it can all seem a little overwhelming and confusing. We want to help clarify.

The first thing to understand is that the terms spa and hot tub are generally used interchangeably. They mean the same thing and can each have different modifiers like "portable," in-ground," "custom," etc. used to further define them.

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Hot tubs or spas differ from conventional bath tubs and even more full-featured jetted baths in that they maintain hot water at a constant and ready-to-relax temperature. This makes them convenient to use at any time without time spent in preparing the water. Because they are most often larger than bath tubs, hot tubs are also used more often as places to gather socially.

So, whether it's in-ground, free standing and portable, or creatively built into your landscape each person and each home can benefit from a hot tub in some way. But, it's important to decide which type of spa or hot tub is right for you.

There are essentially two major categories of hot tubs or spas: in-ground or custom spas or portable spas. Let's take a deeper look at these types of hot tubs.

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Hot Tub ​Types - Know Your Tubs Right

The category of portable spas is broad and potentially confusing due to the large differences in size and actual portability of the units. However, portable hot tubs or portable spas generally include a range of spas anywhere from small inflatable units that can be packed up and put away when not in use, to large 8 to 10 person solid material hot tubs.

In more simple terms, a portable hot tub is defined as a spa unit that is self-contained, meaning everything needed to operate the spa is contained within the spa itself.

Portable spas can be built from a variety of materials including:

  • acrylic
  • fiberglass
  • polyethylene and other plastics
  • inflated latex or vinyl

Most quality portable spas today are built with an acrylic shell mounted to a support structure of ABS, metal, or wood. In general, portable hot tubs are less expensive than equally sized custom spas and they are quick and easy to install. Portable spas have become extremely popular with home owners looking for great hydrotherapy without a construction project.

Another advantage of portable spas is that they are molded into ergonomic shapes with well-defined and comfortable seats. Many premium portable spas, especially Bullfrog Spas, offer an assortment of massaging jets. These jets are aligned within the spa to generate a specific massage sensation for each seat. Bullfrog's JetPak Therapy System allows you to completely customize and personalize these massages to suit your preferences

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The second type of spas or hot tubs are called custom spas or in-ground spas. Custom spas are generally constructed from a permanent hard material and are designed to suit your specific tastes. As the name infers, in-ground spas are actually a type of custom spa that is set into the ground, with the top of the spa located at or near ground level.

Some in-ground spas are actually portable spas lowered into a vault to achieve a custom look but retain the benefits of customizable hydrotherapy and comfort that portable spas provide.

Custom spas can be built from a variety of materials including:

  • gunite
  • concrete
  • fiberglass
  • stainless steel
  • copper

A custom in-ground spa can be a very attractive addition to a backyard and can be customized to become part of your backyard landscape. In ground spas also have the added benefit of being extremely quiet as all of the mechanical equipment needed to run the hot tub can be installed away from the bathing area.

The downside of a custom in-ground spa is that they are usually expensive and time consuming to install. They are made of hard permanent materials and surfaces so they can also become outdated and difficult to modify. However, if you have the time and money available to have an in ground model installed, you will likely be pleased with the aesthetics and durability.

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​Hot Tub Advantages & Benefits

​Improve Your Life

Your reasons for owning a personal hot tub at home are your own. With a new Bullfrog Spa you may be able to alleviate stress, relax, entertain your friends, improve your landscape, spend quality time with family, and to be healthier and happier. In fact, spa owner's often express that they actually experience benefits they never expected when they get their new hot tub

​Enhance Connection

Whether it's a backyard get together with a few friends or quality romantic time with someone special, your Bullfrog Spa is sure to enhance your social life. There's just something about sharing quality time in the soothing waters of your own personal spa. Everyone is relaxed, the conversations are easy and pleasant, and nobody wants to leave.

Leading a healthy social life has many other benefits. In fact, studies show that a healthy social life improves your physical and mental health and leads to more balance and a greater sense of well being.

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